Strawberry Jelly & Raspberry Jelly

Peppy Insta Jelly is a perfect desserts which can be had by itself or in combination with Peppy Insta flavoured Custards. It is 100% vegetarian and gelatin free and it sets at room temperature. One pack of Peppy Insta Jelly makes 5 servings of 100ml each. Flavours available - Strawberry & Raspberry. 100% Vegetarian.

Strawberry Jelly Nutrition  Raspberry Jelly Nutrition

Strawberry Custard & Vanilla Custard :

Peppy Insta Custard is 100% vegetarian. Can be made in less than 5 minutes. All you need to do is add milk. Can be served plain or can be accompanied with Peppy Insta Jellies. For making Peppy Insta Custard fruit salad, at the final stage of cooking just add cream for best results. Peppy Insta Custard is the creamiest and smoothest custard what you would have ever tried. Flavours available – Vanilla & Strawberry 100% vegetarian.


Strawberry Custard Nutrition   Vanilla Custard Nutrition